Friday, January 27, 2012


I created this blog because I wanted a place to talk about fun technical projects.  You know, the sort of stuff I do even though I don't get paid for it (not that my professional projects aren't fun!).

Today, I'm starting with GMinder.  It's a system tray icon that keeps track of Google Calendar, giving you reminders.  The version I downloaded used a default reminder for all calendar events... but I like the reminders I've configured in Google Calendar.  The code was well organized, so it wasn't too hard to add that functionality in. The greatest difficulty was learning C#. And it wasn't really difficult.

I've never really done any open source development. It was fun to learn C#. It was great to be able to change the one thing I wanted. Greg (who originally developed it) was really helpful with getting the code project set up at Google and he's going to let everyone know I updated it! Thanks, Greg!

You can see the original program at:
The updated version is at: